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General Civil law

It is imperative that if you, or your company enter into an agreement you should be aware of all the implications and the consequences that such agreements (may) have. Our 37 years of experience on the island have afforded us the experience to advise on any legal civil matter. Even if you have not entered into an agreement you might be responsible (and therefore probably liable) through an act of tort. We are always prepared to assist you in the event such may be necessary to protect you from a legal point of view.

Criminal law

Several of our attorneys practice criminal law and can represent clients in all kinds of criminal matters. These can range from (classical) misdemeanors, to breach of immigration rules and/or violation of environmental laws.

Insurance law

We have a great deal of experience pertaining to insurance matters. All aspects of insurance are familiar in our offices, such as liability, fire, hurricane, transport and even life insurance.

Intellectual Property

We are able to advise you on all aspects of patent law, under which the application and granting of a patent as well as the legal enforcement of the applicable laws. We can also advise you on the transfer or passage of such Intellectual Property Rights. The same goes for Trademarks copyrights.

Other areas include: negligence law, family law, labor law, offshore trust service and real estate law.

Should you have legal matters that do not fall within the scope of abovementioned practice areas please fill out our New Case Evaluation Form to have us evaluate your case.