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Practice Areas

Administrative and Environmental law

In 2001 the Ordinance on Administrative Law came into force in Sint Maarten. Legal issues regarding governmental decisions are mostly governed by this ordinance. This has not only implications regarding the court that has to be addressed, but also –in general- on the quality or the decisions and the decision making of any governmental authority.

Banking and Financial law

We have the privilege of having the largest bank in the Caribbean as our clients. We have established a longstanding relationship with them through which we advise in all aspects of the applicable banking and financial laws.

Corporate law

Our firm assists and advises at the highest level I all corporate matters ranging from mergers, acquisitions, to restructuring and/ or refinancing of a company. We also have extensive experience in advising board of directors and supervisory boards of several large companies in all legal matters, such as the changing of articles of association of a company and on the extent of the board members’ liability.

The entering into force of the commercial code (“Book 2 of the Civil Code”) is relevant for all legal entities in the jurisdiction of Sint Maarten. The Commercial Code Broadens the liability of managing directors and various audits and disclosure for major companies have become compulsory.

Criminal law

Several of our Attorneys practice criminal law and can represent clients in various legal criminal matters. These can range from (classical) misdemeanors, to breach of immigrations rules and/ or violation of environmental laws.

General Civil law

It is imperative that if you or your company enters into an agreement you should be aware of all the implications and the consequences that such agreements (may) have. Our over 40 years of experience on the island have afforded us the experience to advise on any legal civil matter. Even if you have entered in an agreement you might be responsible (and therefore probably liable) through an act of tort. We are always prepared to assists you in the event such may be necessary to protect you from a legal poi t of view

Immigration law

Our offices can assist you through the labyrinth of rules regarding the immigration process, i.e. in obtaining a work permits for employees or otherwise, and obtaining a residency permits.

Insurance law

We have a great deal of experience pertaining to insurance matters. All aspects of insurance are familiar in our offices, such as liability, fire, hurricane, transport and even life insurance.

Intellectual Property

We are able to advise you on aspects of patent law, under which the application and granting of a patent as well as the legal enforcement of the applicable laws. We can also advise you on the transfers or securing of such Intellectual Property Rights, including Trademarks and copyrights.

Labour/Employment law

Labor law is an important part of a company’s daily concerns. Labor issues within your business should be given careful attention. A solid labor agreement may avoid a great deal of (legal) complication. We can assist and advise you on any labor matter your company may be involved in. dismissing employees without taking the applicable labor law into consideration can be very costly under Sint Maarten law which is based on the Dutch legal system.

Currently the local authorities and the public prosecutor’s office are quite active in enforcing the environmental laws and policies. We can advise companies that (may) have to comply with the applicable legislation pertaining environmental issues.

Project Development and Real Property

We advise on the acquisition of property, the ownership of real estate, as well as the transfer of title. We can assist you in the drafting of lease agreements, and all legal matters pertaining to real (property) rights. Due to the fact that environmental issues are gaining more attention by the local authorities, planning and zoning aspects, possible (soil) contamination and/or (other) nuisance and environmental issues are becoming very important aspects of project development. Straightforward legal guidance with respect to these issues will therefore be required in almost every stage of the project.

Telecommunications law

The field of telecommunication is rapidly changing. As our office advises -inter alia- a former incumbent of the fixed network, and the largest mobile services provider on the island, we have extensive experience in the handling of telecommunication matters. We advise and litigate over all aspects -public or private- of telecommunication law, including regarding interconnection (fees) and ITU related issues.

Other practice areas include:

General practice, Real Estate Law, Corporate and Personal Tax Law, Offshore trust Services, Civil Aviation and Criminal law, corporate and Labor Law, Banking Law, Trademark and Copyright Law, Family Law, Insurance Law, Negligence, Constitutional Law.

Should you have legal matters that do not fall within the scope of abovementioned practice areas please fill out our New Case Evaluation Form to have us evaluate your case.