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Firm Overview

Being the oldest and continuous operating Law Firm serving clients in Sint Maarten and also the rest of the Dutch Caribbean for the past 40 years, is just one of the many reasons our clients choose us. You can always count on the wealth of experience and knowledge of the law that exists within our firm.

Our office consists of a carefully selected consort of attorneys from the Dutch Caribbean and the Netherlands. All our attorneys are educated at various universities in The Netherlands and are fluent in different international languages.

Gibson & Associates values its relationship with its clients. The Firm believes that everyone is entitled to competent and vigorous assistance when it comes to legal matters.

Our core business is to advise our clients in the best and most practical manner. If Litigation can be provided we will of course work towards that goal and even if litigation is imminent your interest will be vigorously defended before a court of law.

Some of our Clients include: